The Aromaz story

Incorporated on 24 Feb 2006, Aromaz was founded by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, and funded by corporate and angel investors in the food and health product industry.
In the past 8 years, Aromaz has provided OEM services to two brand owners to winning the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA). Hence, Aromaz name has become synonymous with reliable, quality and excellence supporting partner in OEM services.

Our Name

Aromaz stands for A to Z of aroma, and all routes lead to Rome.

Company Profile

Our Logo

The logo (picture plus tag line) – the shape of a nose and aroma floating up, focuses on the sense of
smell in food.
In sensory marketing of food products, marketers mostly appeal to sight, taste, touch and sound, however in many instances, smell is as important. There are about 1,000 primary odours, each with the potential to influence mood and behaviour. Smell has a tremendous evocative power of memories and experiences over the years, and it increases the consumers’ remembrance of the product and brand.

What we do

We provide OEM food manufacturing, blending, and packing services of dry powder and tea products for established and new brands and direct marketing companies in Singapore and overseas

What makes us different

Across all of our services, we seek to:
  • provide pilot and low volume production run of Made-in-Singapore products for our clients to test market and early stage market development
  • produce products in Singapore with strong country brand and trust premium
  • offer objective advice in sourcing of active ingredients (i.e. soy, milk, spirulina, collagen, glucosamine, dietary fibre, etc. ) and packaging materials
  • share business and marketing ideas on food and health supplement products for Singapore and overseas markets

Our Quality Standards

GMP, HACCP, ISO 2002, Halal, HPB Healthy Choice and MasterChem Quality logos